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March Holiday 2017

We are taking one week's holiday in March this year

We will not be shipping our Juices on Wednesday 22 March 2016

The following guide dates for shipping (depending on juice availability):

Order Before:   Shipping Date:  
Sun 5 Mar 17 for Wed 8 Mar 17 Normal
Sun 12 Mar 17 for Wed 15 Mar 17 Normal
Wed 22 Mar 17 Closed
Sun 26 Mar 17   Wed 29 Mar 17
Sun 2 Apr 17 for Wed 5 Apr 17 Normal
Sun 9 Apr 17 fro Wed 12 Apr 17 Normal

Please note the next confirmed shipping dates will be on the frontpage, and right-hand sidebar

Written by Simon Wilson — March 05, 2017

Snake Oil with Plastic, Poly or Acrylic Tanks

After much experimenting and testing from forum members, this is one of the most frequently asked questions I get.

Obviously I cannot guarantee your experience will be the same as mine, and if you are unsure or unwilling to risk your tanks, then please use Pyrex, Glass or Metal tanks with your atomisers.

Snake Oil appears to not breakdown (crack) Plastic and Poly tanks

Snake Oil WILL crack acrylic and plexiglass tanks - DO NOT USE WITH SNAKE OIL.

Examples of Tanks not to use Snake Oil in:

The Rose Atomiser by Eden Mods - (First hand experience :( )
AC9 - Genesis Atomiser (Acrylic Tank)
Slim Tank by Leo (plexiglass)
Sofia Slim Tank / Tank Pro by Leo (plexiglass)
D-Base by Leo (plexiglass)
Taifun GT with Clear section (plexiglass)
Kayfun v4 with Poly Tank (Clones)

Examples of Tanks myself and others regularly use Snake Oil in with no problems:

Bell Tanks by Chris Mun of Bell Vape
Kayfun v4 with Poly Tank (Gen)
KayFun - Lite/3.1es/2.1mini
Fogger v2
Aspire BDC
Innokin iClear 16, 30 and 30S


As said before - if you are unsure use Glass, Pyrex or Metal tanks.

Aniseed flavouring is a known tank cracker!


Written by Simon Wilson — November 16, 2013

Snake Oil - Now Available in France

Dr Stanley Clark's Snake Oil is now available in France.

Current Stockists:

Kumulus Vape
Pause Clopes


Kumulus Vapes

Rémi Baert from Kumulus Vape in Paris, has sold Snake Oil since May 2015.  He now has 5 stores in different locations in France.  Rémi sells a very large range of French manufactured juices, alongside juices from the rest of the world and an extensive supply of mods, atties and accessories.

Simon Jammes from has stocked Snake Oil for his business since 2013, being one of the original vendors to do so.  With an impressive Juice range, starter and advanced kits - Simon can give many years of experience to his customers in France.


If you are around Nord-Pas-de-Calais then Patrick at Vape Diem is the shop to look for

Vape Diem
17 rue du Haze
59200 Tourcoing
Tel magasin : +33 6 22 83 24 82

Patrick also has the Snake Oil range on his website, for online sales here.

Raymond Berrebi at Pause Clopes was my first Parisian customer :)
Now with 4 shops in and around Paris, attention to detail and great customer service, Pause Clopes has gone from strength to strength.
Aside from stocking Snake Oil, they also stock a great range of other premium juices, together with a large array of eCigarette products.
Pause Clopes orders from me on a 4 weekly cycle, so you can be sure his Snake Oil is fresh !


My friend Jean Luc has recently opened his website dedicated to bespoke eLiquids.  His approach is on the fine wines cellar theme.

Jean Luc is located in the South of France in Saint Pierre de Trivisy.  He is currently taking a weekly supply to ensure his Snake Oil is fresh after my steep !!!!
Jean Luc can be contacted by telephone 0563592209 or through his site.  He is also carrying the impressive T-Juice range, also from the UK.  His website is here.


We are please to be associated with, one of France's leading online retailers with shops in Clermont Ferrand and Grenoble in Central France.

They now stock Snake Oil alongside their range of excellent eLquids from France, Germany and the United States, even selling my favourite, Prime15 from Halo !!!  They have a good a range of atomisers, batteries and mods.



Sébastien from vapexperience has a great range of eLiquids, mods and electronic cigarettes.  Sébastien has had his first order of Snake Oil in January 2014.  He is currently stocking the 30ml Glass Amber bottles in 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.



Thomas Cornec started stocking Snake Oil from early February 2014.  His site sells other liquids from around the world including some of my personal favourites, House of Liquid's Cigarrillos and Pure Menthol.  The great range from T-Juice !!!! and Halo Purity - I love Prime15 !!! 


Written by Simon Wilson — October 04, 2013

Zero Nicotine - eShisha - Snake Oil

I have been asked a few times to produce Zero Nicotine Snake Oil.

I produced a small batch about a month ago, and some samples went out.  the reviews cam back positively, and so I have decided to add Zero Nic Snake Oil to the product list.

Like the other Snake Oil, it is available in the 30ml Glass Amber bottle and 50ml REFILLS, or together also as an 80ml COMBO.

The taste is the same as regular Snake Oil, but of course is much milder on the throat.  I was very surprised at how well the Snake Oil flavour comes through and the cooling effect is the same.

This product also works extremely well as eShisha.

Written by Simon Wilson — September 26, 2013

Shipping and Discount Details

I make orders up on a Tuesday and Wednesday, and ship on those days.

All orders go out first class.

Look out for Discount Codes on the forums for when I am offering Free UK Shipping or Percentage Discounts.

Shipping charges and discount code fields are found after you logon to your PayPal account.  You then get taken back to the shipping page where you can enter your discount codes and choose your shipping method.




Written by Simon Wilson — September 02, 2013

Advisory Notice for 30ml Glass Amber Bottles - Keep Upright

Please be aware that when using the 30ml Glass Amber Bottles with the Glass Pipettes, it is advisable to ensure you keep the bottles upright.

If the bottle is laid on its side, Snake Oil can lubricate the underside of the rubber seal. 

When you tighten the cap this lubrication combined with the torque on the rubber, has a slight unwinding effect, which may break the seal causing juice to leak.

So for that reason it is advised to store your bottles of Snake Oil in an upright position.

Thank you.

UPDATE 1/9/13:
It turns out my supplier changed the cap on the pipettes which has caused the problem.  I am expecting a shipment of the original pipettes on Wednesday, so I will hold back this week's orders to use them.  Therefore the issue is solved !!!

If anyone wishes to contact me regarding their pipette I would be happy to change the cap over for them.

UPDATE 4/9/13:
My rush order arrived this morning, but the caps are the same, so I am having to use them for this week.  My supplier is still working on the problem.  In the meantime I will include an additional Child Proof Cap with the dropper bottles, that people may prefer to use instead.

I have now been delivered the original pipettes with the proper fitting caps !!!!
All is well, and there should be no unscrewing errors with these, even with juice around the threads.  Still probably a good idea to keep the bottles upright.  I will continue to enclose a Child Proof Cap along with all 30ml bottles.

Thank you to everyone for your patience, the problem is now resolved.

Written by Simon Wilson — August 30, 2013

Current Production

Update August 2013:

Shipping dates are found on the home page, right hand side-bar and on each product page.

Green Dates indicate next week, Red dates for shipping the week after.

Currently I am producing Snake Oil 3 or 4 times per week.  This should enable me to keep up with demand. I will only do whole-batch steeping this means I have to estimate requirements of the four different nicotine strengths two weeks ahead.

I always do bottling on a Monday and make up orders on a Tuesday and Wednesday, for shipping out on those days.   When I have sold all of a particular strength I will update the Shipping info, as above, and move the dates on one week for that product.  The cut-off point is usually sometime on Sunday.

You can always drop me an email to ask what day the juice will go back online, and I should be able to tell you.



Written by Simon Wilson — July 20, 2013

Velkommen til Tmax Juice

Hi Guys - Det ser ut som jeg har noen nye norske venner? :) Velkommen til Tmax Juice

Beklager hvis min norsk er dårlig, men jeg klandrer Google!

Vær klar over Shipping Datoer
International Shipping er 3-5 dager etter Airmail
Gjeldende shipping rate er £ 3,50 som er det nøyaktige beløpet jeg betaler.

Ta gjerne kontakt med meg og spørre noen spørsmål.


Written by Simon Wilson — July 20, 2013

When you receive your Snake Oil

When bottling I try to ensure the larger 50ml and 100ml bottles are made up from a more recent batch.

All batches are Whole-Batch Steeped for 10+ days before bottling.  So if you have ordered the 80ml COMBO, then you will find the 30ml Glass bottle will probably be from a more mature steep, than your 50ml Plastic REFILL.

All Snake Oil will benefit for a few extra days steeping.  How long you leave the bottle is a personal choice, but you will find the flavours mature with the fruits becoming more prevalent, while the anise flavour takes a supporting role.  The steeping will have little effect on the cooling element.

If you have ordered the 50ml REFILL or 100ml FIESTA plastic bottle only, then as above, a few days will make a difference.

Snake Oil and Tank Cracking information can be found here.

Written by Simon Wilson — July 16, 2013

Snake Oil on the Forums

From People who have tried Snake Oil

This is an extract from one of the many Snake Oil threads at UKVapers



Received my sample of snake oil yesterday and not vaped anything since to give it a really good test.
Vaped on an Evod at 1.8ohm - The sample was 60/40 mix at 18mg (my normal vape would be 24mg)
This stuff is REALLY good !
I am not great at reviewing anything really but this really does hit the spot me it has a lime/? taste on the inhale but an edge and only an edge of anise on the exhale .....combined with like an menthol type throat hit to it ....even at 18mg
I am REALLY hard to please .....and yep this one pleased me ......Oh and Simon I only have enough left to fill my Evod one more time so get your mixing drum out as you are really onto a winner ! 


Its a great yellow colour, and all I can say is...Mega! it!
I'm real fussy when it comes to eliquid, and struggle to find what I like.
This is different, Real fresh lemony lime minty, just loads of real fresh slight sweet taste, cant really put me finger on what it tastes like!
One thing is, ill be getting more of this stuff its spot on!


Normally I like to leave new juice for a week or so to settle down, and then try them starting at a low wattage on the dripper gradually winding up to the sweet spot.
Today I broke both of those rules.
Loaded up a Cisco bridgeless 1.5 ohm 306 in a Vape4me Drib Body on a Vamo and hit the fire button ...

When I'd picked myself up off of the floor and rearranged my tastebuds, I tried to figure out what the explosion of flavour was. Aniseed? Lime? Licorice? Lemon? Menthol? Blackcurrant? Just so much flavour.


I've tried a few flavoured e-liquids but this one is nice. Lemony, lime, minty, liquorish, blackcurrant. It's got quite a few flavours going on but I don't get tired of vaping it after 5 min.
I'll be ordering some more definitely.
Thanks for the sample and the free jelly snake!


Just received mine today, tried it in an evod at 3.6 Volts.
Wow. Amazing combo of flavours, I get lemon, lime, blackcurrant & maybe cherry and a hard hitting but smooth cool throat hit.
I can't see this bottle lasting long, so I'm about to see if I can order some more off TMAX.
Great stuff.

Got my sample of Snake oil through the door yesterday and I have been vaping it since. Its a strong taste,
I'm tasting a menthol and a very nice summer fruits with a zest taste it is a unique blend that I find changing with every vape.
leaving your mouth feeling fresh after a vape.
I would say its like a sheesha flavour.  One that needs to be tried out at the least.

I keep smelling the empty bottle, to remind myself how good it is. I loved my sample! Can't wait for the 12mg one!
All credit to Tmax aswell, he's a top bloke!

Written by Simon Wilson — July 14, 2013


TPD Compliance:
All orders are now sold in packs with 10ml bottles

Shipping Snake Oil:
Wed 3 May 2017

Shipping Sands of Time:
Wed 3 May 2017

Tmax Juices ISO 9001





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We are taking one week's holiday in March this year We will not be shipping our Juices on Wednesday 22 March 2016 The following guide dates for shipping (depending on juice availability): Order...

Snake Oil with Plastic, Poly or Acrylic Tanks

After much experimenting and testing from forum members, this is one of the most frequently asked questions I get. Obviously I cannot guarantee your experience will be the same as...

Snake Oil - Now Available in France

Dr Stanley Clark's Snake Oil is now available in France. Current Stockists: Kumulus Vape VapeDiem Pause Clopes VapExperience Vap'EGO   Rémi Baert from Kumulus Vape in...


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