Tmax Juices
Tmax Juices

My name is Simon Wilson, my background is the catering trade. Until 2009 I ran a UK company specialising in value-added meat products to hotels and restaurants in London.

I started smoking "full time" at the age of 15, and have smoked 30 per day for 35 years. I stopped smoking cigarettes in 2013 when I got my first e-cigarette. This was a simple cig-a-like, with an automatic battery and cartridges containing a tobacco flavoured juice.

Snake Oil was part design and part accident!
It was the result of careful research and even more careful and documented trials. I knew I wanted something with the flavours layered, which helps complexity, and adds depth to the juice.

Together with my son Alex, we started Tmax Juices, to sell our Snake Oil, with the aim to help people stop, or reduce their dependency on tobacco.

For 3 years we only had the one juice, from the initial success in the UK, Snake Oil became very popular in France, Norway and Spain, and then spread to other countries across Europe.

In 2016 we introduced our second juice, Sands of Time, designed primarily for the current trend of sub-ohm vaping.

We are an ISO 9001 accredited business, which has helped us to remain compliant with current regulations, including Chemical (CLP) and the introduction of the European Tobacco Products Directive (TPD).

Our handmade products are still sold directly from our website, and also through a network of vendors within Europe.

Tmax Juices is the  trading name of IGNIGHT Ltd - registered in England and Wales - 08861586