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#NotForQuitters Case Study 1: Stuart - Month 3

Mar 27, 2018 | 0

Written by Daniel Blythe — March 27, 2018

 Stuart - Case Study month 3Q1 - We have come to the end of your 3 month case study, are you still vaping?

Yes, I am!

Q2 - Have you found that you have vaped less times or more times than the number of cigarettes you smoked during the day?

I am definitely vaping more than I used to smoke cigarettes, but whilst I vape more regularly than I smoked it is for shorter periods.

Q3 - Now that the case study has finished will you continue with vaping?

Yes I definitely will. I am keen to stop any form of smoking though, including vaping.

Q4 - Have you had any cravings for tobacco cigarettes in the last month? Did you smoke any?

I have had cravings for a cigarette, especially when drinking alcohol. I have to admit that I smoked my first cigarette in over 3 months when I was at Cheltenham Races and I had run out of juice.

Q5 - What nicotine level are you vaping now? Is it the same as what you started with?

I am now vaping 6mg, but started on 12mg, then went down to 9mg first.

Q6 - In terms of health, what has been the biggest change you have noticed since you started the case study in January?

I am no longer short of breath!

Q7 - Now that your free trial has come to an end, will you continue with Snake Oil e-juice?

Yes, I will continue to use Snake Oil.

Q8 - How would you describe your vaping journey so far? Has it been what you expected? Have you noticed a saving in money?

It has been a great journey, it has stopped me from smoking. I have definitely notice a saving in money which is a great bonus!

Q9 - What advice would you give to anyone thinking about making the switch from smoking tobacco cigarettes to vaping?

Go for it!