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#NotForQuitters Case Study 1: Stuart - Month 2

Feb 23, 2018 | 0

Written by Daniel Blythe — February 23, 2018

Q1 - It has been 2 months since we set you up with an Aspire Mod and Snake Oil e-juice; are you still vaping?

Yes - and not smoking at all, which I am delighted about. I've even been away on a week's golf holiday in Portugal which was a big test. In the end it wasn't a test at all!

Q2 - Last time we spoke you were vaping a nicotine level of around 9mg with the hope to reduce this over time. Have you made any reduction thus far?

I have, I'm only using 9mg occasionally but 95% of the time I am using 6mg. I'm hoping to maybe move to 3mg when my current supply of 6mg finishes or just try to cut down the number of times I vape.

Q3 - Since we last spoke in January, have you smoked any tobacco cigarettes? If the answer is yes, how many and how did you feel when you smoked them?


Q4 - Have you had any cravings for tobacco cigarettes in the past month? If so how have you dealt with these?

Very occasionally, normally when I've had a drink in my hand! A couple of puffs on my Snake Oil vape and it's gone.

Q5 - In the past 2 months since you started the vaping trial, what would you say is the biggest change you have seen in your health?

Definitely not so short of breath and better general well-being.

Q6 - What have you found to be the biggest difference between smoking tobacco cigarettes and vaping? Do you miss smoking cigarettes?

I do miss smoking when I get the occasional waft of smoke. The biggest noticeable difference is not having the stale smell of cigarettes on my clothes.

Q7 - Are you using more Snake Oil juice, about the same level or less as the trial progresses?

I think I am using about the same amount of Snake Oil Juice, but I would like to start reducing the amount I use.

Q8 - Did you see the latest research from Public Health England in relation to the positive findings with vaping compared to tobacco smoking and how did it make you feel?

I did see it, and it made me feel very positive about what I am doing. the fact that vaping is approximately 95% less damaging than smoking is fantastic.

Q9 - Are you still finding vaping a positive experience? Do you have any comments you would like to add?

It is a positive experience, but I do feel I am vaping too much and really want to reduce the amount I do it, and the nicotine strength.