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Introducing New Shortfills

Mar 15, 2018 | 0

Written by Daniel Blythe — March 15, 2018

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new Shortfills. Initially available in the popular Dr Stanley Clark’s Snake Oil flavour, as both the Original Recipe and a High-VG Recipe; the Shortfills give you the flexibility to mix Snake Oil to your own taste requirements in a larger bottle format. 

Shortfill Snake Oil Range

The Shortfill Snake Oil e-liquid itself is nicotine free. The concentrated flavour must be diluted before vaping, leaving you to add your required strength of nicotine as a shot into the bottle. After adding the nicotine shot, you simply need to shake the bottle to combine the two liquids and then leave to steep. For the best result, we suggest that you allow the flavours to develop over 7-10 days.
Shortfill Snake Oil

The new Shortfills come in an easy to use bottle, featuring a removable tip that once unscrewed reveals a filling hole for adding the NicShots and/or unflavoured base to the liquid. There are three three diluent options for the Original Recipe Snake Oil and two diluent options for the High-VG Recipe Snake Oil.

We have provided a table of recommendations on the Shortfills product pages to advise you on how to achieve your desired strength of e-liquid. The Original Recipe Snake Oil Shortfills can be bought individually or as a combination with an Unflavoured Base and/or NicShot. The Unflavoured Base is made up of 50% PG and 50% VG and can be used on it’s own to dilute the concentrated Snake Oil or with a 10ml NicShot (18mg) to create an e-liquid with 3mg/ml strength. For a 6mg/ml strength juice the Snake Oil Concentrate can be mixed with a 20ml NicShot (18mg) and no base. Original Recipe Snake Oil Shortfills are available as 40ml in a 60ml bottle and retail from £13.99 on our website.

Shortfill Snake Oil 3mg

The High-VG Snake Oil Concentrate is priced from £14.99 for 50ml of Shortfill in a 60ml bottle only and can also be purchased with 10ml of Unflavoured Base for a 0mg strength juice or with a 10ml NicShot (18mg) to achieve a 3mg strength e-liquid. The final solution will be 20%PG and 80%VG with either combination.

Shortfill High-VG Snake Oil

The addition of Shortfills to our offering is just one of the exciting new products that we're launching this year!