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#NotForQuitters Case Study 1: Stuart - Month 1

Jan 15, 2018 | 0

Written by Daniel Blythe — January 15, 2018

Q1 - What were your first thoughts when you tried vaping for the first time?
I was quite sceptical, but was really keen to stop smoking, and due to its increasing use generally meant that there must be some merit in it. In terms of the actual experience I did cough and splutter a bit as the technique is slightly different to inhaling a cigarette and had expected it to taste exactly like a cigarette!

Q2 - How did you find vaping with the Aspire Zelos as a vaping kit, in terms of ease of use, setting up, refilling, charging, storing, changing coils and general maintenance?
When the various processes were first explained to me it seems like there was a lot of things to do, but after a few days it became second nature, now I don't even have to think about it. Couple of negatives I have is the nozel which you inhale through isn't screw in and has fallen out a couple of time but fortunately I found it. The other one is the screwing/tightening mechanism can be a bit fiddly.

Q3 - What were your first impressions of Snake Oil e-juice ?
Initially when I was told there was a slight aniseed taste to it, which I hate, I thought 'Oh no', but actually it doesn't really taste of it. If it does then maybe I do like it after all. Im regularly asked what it tastes like and whilst its perfectly pleasant I cant quite put my finger on what it is, almost slightly minty. Obviously as oil I thought it maybe greasy and be messy to deal with, but I've had no problems.

Q4 - What nicotine levels have you tried and which did you prefer?
I've tried both 6 and 12, but 12 is just too strong for me so I found a mix of both a good balance, so effectively about 9. I am hoping to reduce the amount of nicotine over a period of time.

Q5 - How many tobacco cigarettes have you smoked in the last month? And how did you feel when you smoked them?
When I started vaping it was early December so it was difficult to stop smoking immediately completely due to the number of social events that were coming up. For the first couple of weeks I smoked in total about 20 cigarettes, but since the 20th December I have not smoked a single cigarette. I felt guilty when I did smoke them but actually almost now prefer the taste of the vape.

Q6- How many times have you vaped per day/week on average and has this caused a
reduction in your tobacco cigarette smoking?
I think I vape more often on a daily basis, than I did smoke, but for less time. It has obviously caused a reduction in my tobacco cigarette smoking as I haven't smoked a single cigarette now for 3 weeks and long may it continue. I have no intention of smoking cigarettes again.

Q7 - How many 10ml bottles of Snake Oil have you vaped and how many coils have you used in the process?
Since the beginning of December I think I have used about 7 bottles of 6 mg and 5 of 12mg. I've changed the coil approximately weekly, sometimes slightly less so got through I think 6/7 coils.

Q8 - How have you felt in terms of your health as a result of vaping? Have you noticed any changes since the trial began?
I've noticed a number of differences, I dont feel as tight chested is the major thing but also lost an occasional irritable cough. My general well being has felt so much better, but this maybe a physological thing!

Q9 - Have you any other information you wish to share after the first month of vaping. Any positive or negative comments welcomed?
My main concern is, that while vaping stops you inhaling all sorts of things that are bad for you, I am still inhaling nicotine which does harden there arteries and there is very little research that I've seen that sheds light on the side effects of vaping. That said it cant be any worse than smoking. Apart from that I have had nothing but a positive experience. Me and my clothes don't smell anymore!!