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Dec 13, 2017 | 0

Written by Daniel Blythe — December 13, 2017

Here at Tmax, we often receive messages from users of our Snake Oil e-liquid in relation to how it has helped them transition from tobacco smoking to vaping because of it's unique flavour combination, complexity, depth and exhale. 

This got us thinking about challenging the notion of 'quitting smoking' as often vapers still see themselves as smokers albeit no longer tobacco smokers. The health benefits of transitioning from tobacco smoking to vaping are well documented with Cancer Research UK now advocating vaping as a viable and better alternative to tobacco smoking.

We decided to launch a new campaign called #NotForQuitters. We have sourced 5 people who are current tobacco smokers, and we challenged them to see if they could transition from tobacco smoking to vaping using our Snake Oil.

Stuart La Frenais is our first willing case study and we set him up with an Aspire Zelos mod and an ample supply of Snake Oil e-juice.  


Name Stuart LaFrenais
Age 51
Current Tobacco Marlborough Gold
Price Per Pack £11.00
Currently Smokes 15 Per Day
Monthly Cost £247.50



Mod Aspire Zelos
E-Juice Snake Oil
Nicotine Level 6MG
Mod Cost £50.00
250ML Snake Oil £89.00
Monthly Cost (average for trial period) £46.00


We will come back to Stuart every month for an update on his progress and monitor his hopeful transition to vaping.