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Advisory Notice for 30ml Glass Amber Bottles - Keep Upright

Aug 30, 2013 | 0

Written by Simon Wilson — August 30, 2013

Please be aware that when using the 30ml Glass Amber Bottles with the Glass Pipettes, it is advisable to ensure you keep the bottles upright.

If the bottle is laid on its side, Snake Oil can lubricate the underside of the rubber seal. 

When you tighten the cap this lubrication combined with the torque on the rubber, has a slight unwinding effect, which may break the seal causing juice to leak.

So for that reason it is advised to store your bottles of Snake Oil in an upright position.

Thank you.

UPDATE 1/9/13:
It turns out my supplier changed the cap on the pipettes which has caused the problem.  I am expecting a shipment of the original pipettes on Wednesday, so I will hold back this week's orders to use them.  Therefore the issue is solved !!!

If anyone wishes to contact me regarding their pipette I would be happy to change the cap over for them.

UPDATE 4/9/13:
My rush order arrived this morning, but the caps are the same, so I am having to use them for this week.  My supplier is still working on the problem.  In the meantime I will include an additional Child Proof Cap with the dropper bottles, that people may prefer to use instead.

I have now been delivered the original pipettes with the proper fitting caps !!!!
All is well, and there should be no unscrewing errors with these, even with juice around the threads.  Still probably a good idea to keep the bottles upright.  I will continue to enclose a Child Proof Cap along with all 30ml bottles.

Thank you to everyone for your patience, the problem is now resolved.