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When you receive your Snake Oil

Jul 16, 2013 | 0

Written by Simon Wilson — July 16, 2013

When bottling I try to ensure the larger 50ml and 100ml bottles are made up from a more recent batch.

All batches are Whole-Batch Steeped for 10+ days before bottling.  So if you have ordered the 80ml COMBO, then you will find the 30ml Glass bottle will probably be from a more mature steep, than your 50ml Plastic REFILL.

All Snake Oil will benefit for a few extra days steeping.  How long you leave the bottle is a personal choice, but you will find the flavours mature with the fruits becoming more prevalent, while the anise flavour takes a supporting role.  The steeping will have little effect on the cooling element.

If you have ordered the 50ml REFILL or 100ml FIESTA plastic bottle only, then as above, a few days will make a difference.

Snake Oil and Tank Cracking information can be found here.