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Jul 14, 2013 | 0

Written by Simon Wilson — July 14, 2013

From People who have tried Snake Oil

This is an extract from one of the many Snake Oil threads at UKVapers



Received my sample of snake oil yesterday and not vaped anything since to give it a really good test.
Vaped on an Evod at 1.8ohm - The sample was 60/40 mix at 18mg (my normal vape would be 24mg)
This stuff is REALLY good !
I am not great at reviewing anything really but this really does hit the spot me it has a lime/? taste on the inhale but an edge and only an edge of anise on the exhale .....combined with like an menthol type throat hit to it ....even at 18mg
I am REALLY hard to please .....and yep this one pleased me ......Oh and Simon I only have enough left to fill my Evod one more time so get your mixing drum out as you are really onto a winner ! 


Its a great yellow colour, and all I can say is...Mega! it!
I'm real fussy when it comes to eliquid, and struggle to find what I like.
This is different, Real fresh lemony lime minty, just loads of real fresh slight sweet taste, cant really put me finger on what it tastes like!
One thing is, ill be getting more of this stuff its spot on!


Normally I like to leave new juice for a week or so to settle down, and then try them starting at a low wattage on the dripper gradually winding up to the sweet spot.
Today I broke both of those rules.
Loaded up a Cisco bridgeless 1.5 ohm 306 in a Vape4me Drib Body on a Vamo and hit the fire button ...

When I'd picked myself up off of the floor and rearranged my tastebuds, I tried to figure out what the explosion of flavour was. Aniseed? Lime? Licorice? Lemon? Menthol? Blackcurrant? Just so much flavour.


I've tried a few flavoured e-liquids but this one is nice. Lemony, lime, minty, liquorish, blackcurrant. It's got quite a few flavours going on but I don't get tired of vaping it after 5 min.
I'll be ordering some more definitely.
Thanks for the sample and the free jelly snake!


Just received mine today, tried it in an evod at 3.6 Volts.
Wow. Amazing combo of flavours, I get lemon, lime, blackcurrant & maybe cherry and a hard hitting but smooth cool throat hit.
I can't see this bottle lasting long, so I'm about to see if I can order some more off TMAX.
Great stuff.

Got my sample of Snake oil through the door yesterday and I have been vaping it since. Its a strong taste,
I'm tasting a menthol and a very nice summer fruits with a zest taste it is a unique blend that I find changing with every vape.
leaving your mouth feeling fresh after a vape.
I would say its like a sheesha flavour.  One that needs to be tried out at the least.

I keep smelling the empty bottle, to remind myself how good it is. I loved my sample! Can't wait for the 12mg one!
All credit to Tmax aswell, he's a top bloke!