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Snake Oil with Plastic, Poly or Acrylic Tanks

Nov 16, 2013 | 0

Written by Simon Wilson — November 16, 2013

After much experimenting and testing from forum members, this is one of the most frequently asked questions I get.

Obviously I cannot guarantee your experience will be the same as mine, and if you are unsure or unwilling to risk your tanks, then please use Pyrex, Glass or Metal tanks with your atomisers.

Snake Oil appears to not breakdown (crack) Plastic and Poly tanks

Snake Oil WILL crack acrylic and plexiglass tanks - DO NOT USE WITH SNAKE OIL.

Examples of Tanks not to use Snake Oil in:

The Rose Atomiser by Eden Mods - (First hand experience :( )
AC9 - Genesis Atomiser (Acrylic Tank)
Slim Tank by Leo (plexiglass)
Sofia Slim Tank / Tank Pro by Leo (plexiglass)
D-Base by Leo (plexiglass)
Taifun GT with Clear section (plexiglass)
Kayfun v4 with Poly Tank (Clones)

Examples of Tanks myself and others regularly use Snake Oil in with no problems:

Bell Tanks by Chris Mun of Bell Vape
Kayfun v4 with Poly Tank (Gen)
KayFun - Lite/3.1es/2.1mini
Fogger v2
Aspire BDC
Innokin iClear 16, 30 and 30S


As said before - if you are unsure use Glass, Pyrex or Metal tanks.

Aniseed flavouring is a known tank cracker!