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Whole-Batch Steeped

Whole-Batch Steeped for its consistent complex flavour

Snake Oil is left for 10-14 days after being made and allowed to steep in its entirety.  This includes the flavourants, dilutants and nicotine.  This is what gives this juice its mellow complexity that is seldom found in made to order juices.

The main flavours are citrus fruits with a slight sugar coating, hard to describe but maybe something from your childhood? All this citrus is balanced with a background note of anise, which is mellow and rounded in flavour.  Then it hits you with an unexpected coolness on the exhale!

But that's just my opinion :)




E-liquid contains nicotine which is both highly toxic and very addictive. Keep well away from children and pets. 
Our products are only intended to be used with electronic cigarettes, e-pipes or vaporisers. 
Not for sale to anyone under the age of 18.
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Here you can find Dr Stanley Clark's Original Recipe Snake Oil eJuice by Tmax

and not a wriggler in sight!






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