Tmax Juices

Tmax Juices is a new venture for me in the e-cigarette business.

My name is Simon Wilson, my background is the catering trade.  Until 2009 I ran a UK company specialising in value-added meat and poultry products to hotels and restaurants in London and the home counties.

I started smoking "full time" at the age of 15, and have smoked 30 per day for 35 years.  I stopped smoking cigarettes in 2013 when I got my first e-cigarette.  This was a simple cig-a-like, with an automatic battery and cartridges containing some tobacco flavoured juice.

I started juice making just to see what I could produce.  With my methodical nature, and catering background I was soon experimenting with different flavours and how they interacted with the effect of vaping.

Snake Oil was made by part design and part accident.  It is the result of quite careful research and even more careful and documented trials.  I knew I wanted something with the flavours layered, which aids complexity, and adds depth to the juice.

The name came about through googling elixir and finding the wonderful story of Clark Stanley, back at the turn of the century in the United States.  After his conviction he decided to change his name.....!!!!


TPD Compliance:
All orders are now sold in packs with 10ml bottles

Shipping Snake Oil:
Wed 3 May 2017

Shipping Sands of Time:
Wed 3 May 2017

Tmax Juices ISO 9001





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